"As to methods there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble." ~Harrington Emerson


Movement Evolved offers a variety of services for improving your movement health. All services are cash-based (cash/check/Venmo) and do not accept insurance, but you are able to submit your receipt to insurance or HSA/FSA for possible reimbursement (see more in FAQ). Some rates may vary depending on the distance necessary for travel or the size of the project.


If you are interested in any of the services below or have questions please contact me.

Physical Therapy

     Through specific diagnostic testing and observation of movement, it is possible to not only determine the source of pain, but also create a comprehensive approach to address the other non-painful areas, which may be contributing to the pain. This is done primarily through the Selective Functional Movement Assessment as well as other methods of evaluation. All appointments are one-on-one and focus on both treatment (manual therapy and exercise), education, and development of a home program.

     There are three options regarding how to seek out physical therapy treatment. 

  1. Function and Strength - 1-2 Sundays per month appointments are hosted at this facility in Bridgeport, PA
  2. Empowered Wellness Studio is by appointment only in Greenville, DE
  3. Home Visits - scheduled on an as needed basis
  • Pricing may vary with home visits based on travel and based on number of individuals being trained.

Personal Training

     For those individuals who do not desire to workout in a crowded gym, personal training at home is a viable alternative. Utilizing the Functional Movement Screen and similar assessment methods as physical therapy, movement can be readily analyzed and used to create a custom exercise program to not only address limitations in movement, but to also move you toward your fitness goals. 

     Minimal to no exercise equipment is required. Specific equipment such as kettlebells and resistance bands will be supplied for the supervised workouts to determine what, if any, equipment may be useful to purchase for your home workouts.

     In addition to the in-person training sessions, workouts will be supplied for days in between each training session. 

    Pricing may vary depending on cost/time of travel.

Team/Athlete Performance Consultation

     Competitive and recreational athletes push themselves to the limit of human capacity, and this comes with a cost. The high level forces required during sport can create damage to tissues and poor movement pattern. Without effectively addressing the impact of competition and sport, dysfunctional patterns will propagate and rob athletes of power, speed, and endurance during training and competition. Additionally, movement asymmetries and deficits in capacity increase the risk for injury during training and competition.

     Detailed assessment of movement as well as physical capacity allows for identification of weaknesses and limitations, which can be addressed with both corrective exercise programs as well as education to reduce risk of injury and allow the athlete to advance to the next level of performance.

    This is ideal for team coaches, personal trainers, and strength coaches that want to dive deeper into enhancing movement and performance of their athletes and clients.

Movement Assessment

     Most people go get their teeth checked at the dentist twice per year and take their car in for regular maintenance. Why not do the same thing for your body? 

     Having your movement assessed by a professional can give you a world of information on weaknesses, deficits in mobility, and dysfunctional patterns that increase your risk for injury and reduce your durability. Knowing this information will allow for the construction of a personalized program to address the problems and improve your movement.

     Even if you are already working with a trainer or coach, this will provide them with additional information to help customize your program for even better results and safer training.


     If your community or group is looking to improve knowledge about movement and reducing risk for injury, then a simple option could be in an educational seminar. Topics range from fall risk, gardening, roller derby, weight lifting, and injury management/prevention. Seminars are usually 30-90 minutes and involve both lecture and some audience participation.

     Pricing is dependent on the number of participants and length of the presentation.

Nutrition Coaching

     Precision Nutrition (PN) is one of the leading educators in nutrition coaching. PN provides a base for nutrition coaching to improve health, weight loss, and advance performance. Coaching focuses on nutrition as well as lifestyle, exercise, and more to optimize your goal achievement.  Sessions can happen both in person and via email, Skype, or phone as needed based on each individual client. 

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